Roadtrip through Croatia

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  • Rentacar

    Croatia is extremely cool! Each city has its own gem, so everyone could find an appropriate activity.

    • Yes! Croatia remains one of our favorite places we have ever been to…

  • I wouldn’t even know what to expect in Croatia but these photos are beautiful. Those waterfalls are breathtaking!

  • The.Restless.Worker

    I’ve done this road trip and to this day it’s one of my favourite vacations! It was like reliving it – thanks for sharing!

    • couplertw

      We completely agree, and we have done a few epic ones, through west coast USD, Alps and NZ…

  • sara pino

    Looks like a great destination!:) I would love to go there soon!

    • couplertw

      you should definitively go there soon:)

  • What an amazing road trip! I never knew Croatia was so lovely! Thanks for posting

    • couplertw

      yes it was:) thank you

  • Very nice roadtrip, Plitvice Lakes are on my list for a long time and I think it will be done next year. I would like to know how your trip goes on also in Bari. 🙂

  • Absolutely stunning pictures. And great job describing the trip. Have a question, though: Would you reccomend going to Croatia outside of Summer? Let’s say, in the Fall, when the beaches would be less appealing? Tks.

    Keep’em coming. Cheers

    • couplertw

      Hello Duarte,

      Search for Plitivice lakes in winter 🙂 But if it isn’t hot, there’s much less to do in Croatia, so outside June-September I would prefer a city break, like Budapest and Wien/Bratislava or Amsterdam & Bruges and leave Croatia for its full potential.