50 things you need to know about travel in Thailand

  • John

    Great information! I really want to visit Thailand sometime, and I will definitely be looking back on this post!

    • Thank you! Feel free to ask any doubt you have 🙂

  • 33andfree

    Interesting points!. The Laos was especially interesting. We told the Thai people we were going to Malaysia and they cringed!

    • Really? Well, unfortunately our experience with Malay isn’t also that great. Lao and Thai are much more friendly..

  • Stephanie Frias

    Quite fascinating really, I learned a lot about Thailand. I am most pleased to learn that all of the main attractions are outside of the city. It makes me hope that perhaps we could just avoid the city altogether and focus on the natural settings!

  • I love Thai food so much! I can’t wait ti go back and try all the street food! And you’re right – it’s so cheap too

  • Agh Thailand! The land of smiles! I spent two weeks here and absolutely loved it! Although I have to go back and see more!

  • Nnenna Echem

    This is a very good list! I’ve never been to Thailand, but I’ve always wanted to visit