About us

We are a Portuguese couple from Oporto currently living as expats in Luanda, Angola. Before we got married we made our bucket lists and both of ours second place where travel the world. So we decided to make it happen and our first step was to accept job offers in Luanda. This should give us the opportunity to know Angola and Africa up close, but also the financial stability to being able to travel.

Jorge&Claudia, cabo ledo

In Cabo Ledo

Side note: for those wondering, the first and most important item in both our bucket lists was growing old together.

Claudia in Verona

Claudia in Verona


Hello, my name Claudia, I’m 31 years old and work in a clinic in Luanda as physiotherapist, specialized in neurology and pediatrics; In my free time I’m also a Pilates instructor.

I love new adventures,trying new things, daydreaming.I am obsessed with coffee (lots of coffee), cheese, spicy food and street markets. “I’m not a glutton, I’m an explorer of food”.

My motto is: of be happy with what you have while working for what you want.




Jorge in Arona, Italy

Jorge in Arona, near Milan

My name Jorge, I’m 33 years old and currently work as a Financial Controller in an international transports and logistics company in Luanda.

I love sports (almost every sport), sweet foods, wander around city centers and people watching. I’m always thinking new trips and places I want to go.

I will use my ability with finance and planning to help us reach our goal of doing a gap year without going Greek… sorry bankrupt.




We both want to fulfill our dream of experience everything that the world has to offer. We will write about past and future trips, future plans, how to plan and finance these adventures and ultimately describe all the steps taken to our ultimate goal of doing a round the world travel.


If you need or want to contact us through the e-mail coupleroundtheworld@gmail.com or leave us a message in Facebook.