Accommodation – Saving tips for travelers

  • Erika Ashley

    House sitting is a great alternative!

  • Great tips! House sitting is a fantastic idea, I might have to look into that. I’m a recent AirBnB convert and am loving the beautiful apartments on there!

  • Very good tips. I would add one more to your list of hotel searches: I had very good experience with finding affordable hotels and B&B on their website. Of course, it depends on location, but, for example, Montenegro and Bulgaria were very well covered with lowest prices. Cheers!

  • Thank you alexis 🙂

  • Alexis

    These are really great tips. The more we can save, the more trips we can afford to take!!!

  • This is so helpful! I love travelling but I hate the stress of finding a place to stay that also fits into budget. Thanks!

  • Christine Messina

    I’ve been thinking about joining couch surfing! I think it is in my near future 🙂

  • I like it that you note that couchsurfing depends on exchange. I’m annoyed by travelers who only surf, never host, although they would have the capabilities to do the latter also.

    • We never did couchsurfing, but we definitely want to try and led our couch:)

  • Whenever I’m looking for a place to stay, I like to see that there’s a free breakfast–that can save upwards of $15-20 a day for my family! That definitely adds up over the course of a week or two!

    • And it is always nice having breakfast in the hotel… When it’s possible we love it:)

  • TravelingWellForLess

    Great points. I’m a “fast” traveler. But use hotel and credit card points to offset my hotel costs.

  • Tori Gabriel

    There’s some great ideas here. I’m not sure I would ever have the guts to couch surf though.

    • couplertw

      yeah, it’s only for some kind of personality i guess

  • Antonette Spaan

    Thanks for the tips – I generally check if there’s free wifi, if not, then it’s not an option for me 🙂

  • learninglifeslessonsthefunway

    Great post! I’m a very slow traveller and airbnb to me is a lifesaver! In fact I’m writing this from an airbnb apartment 😀

    The housesitting thing is interesting though, it’s something I’ve been thinking more and more about getting into. You’re article has tempted me again!

    • Thank you 🙂 If you actually do it keep us posted about it 🙂

  • Wow, I really loved this whole post. A lot of people write articles on saving money on travel, but this was so methodical and well thought-out, thanks for this contribution.

    I have to ask though — WHERE did you find the map of Couchsurfers around the world?? I’ve searched for something like this before and never been able to find this kind of info! Couchsurfing is the best 😀

    • Oh thank you. it actully took a while to organize and re organize to try nd keep it simple and informative. You are now writing one about “transportation”. The map on couchsurfers came straight from a simple google image search.

  • Bettina Tynan

    Places that don’t have wifi or make you pay make me do sad faces! I think my fave site for free food and accom is Workaway ! You just do a few hours of work and your trip is basically free! I did one in Laos recently for a month and it saved me hundreds.

    • Hi Bettina, Workaway is a great option indeed. I don’t know how we forgot about it :)Will probably update the post with that info. Thank you for your contribution! 🙂

  • SOme good tips, especially about he big cost items. I agree. I use a lot. They have a good selection of smaller family owned hotels (which can be better value and more personal than the big chains. They also carry a lot of apartments in some places, which can be a big money saver.

    • couplertw

      Thank you 🙂 I have used many times, but usually I search in momondo and before to make sure that the same hotel isn’t cheaper in other sites.

    • Hi Elizabeth, I also book many times through booking, but you should always check momondo because it searches for you if there’s another site that has a better price for that Hotel/hostel/apartment. 🙂

  • Samantha Hussey

    Some good tips! I find agoda normally has some of the best hotel rates especially for SEA etc…one to check because I have never found cheaper rates anywhere else when I travelled through Vietnam and Myanmar 🙂

    • couplertw

      I don’t think we ever booked anything through Agoda, but we still haven’t gone to SE Asia :). We are planning next year, so I will keep that tip in mind 😉

    • Thank you. Yes Agoda is very competitive in the SEA 🙂 That’s a good tip!

  • Great tips. I usually use Skyscanner but I just checked out Momondo and like the look of it. Thanks

  • Emma Brisdion Blogs

    Great advice, I recently travelled through Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia on a tight budget. If you don’t mind leaving things to the last minute, is also great for finding a bargain!

    • couplertw

      Thank you for the tip. Last minutes can go both ways, or very expensive or a bargain. It’s always great to get hint on out to get the bargains 🙂

    • Last minutes can be great or awful deals. It’s always nice to have a site that helps you getting in those times:) thank you for the suggestion.

  • tots2travel

    Hi, I found the FourSisters range of inns in California perfect for those little extras – free bikes, cookies and drink on arrival, free wine tasting and nibbles, breakfast. They weren’t cheap but everything was taken care of, and then some!

    Useful post. Thanks.