Getting lucky in Koh Ta Kiev, Cambodia

  • Hitasha

    Nice read!!

  • John

    Wow! This place looks amazing! What an awesome adventure.

    • It is! It isn’t the best beach we have ever been to, but it is our favorite…

  • bc21578

    I did a Cambodia tour last year, but never made it to the south of the country. The pictures remind me of Ko Chang in eastern Thailand.

    • We haven’t been to Ko Chang, but Koh ta Kiev was miles better than any other place we have been in Thailand. If you have the opportunity there 🙂

  • Katarina

    I just added Koh ta Kiev to my list 🙂 Suerly won’t miss it when in Cambodia.

  • nausheen

    Wow, looks like you had an incredible time — and so affordable! Love that everything worked out for the best:)

    • Sometimes you have to go with the flow and enjoy what you get… this time we got really lucky with it 🙂

  • Claire

    Ah that’s so cool! It looks like paradise indeed. it is funny how things work out when you just go with the flow 🙂

    • This time the flow was very generous 🙂