Bucket list for 2016

  • Corinne Vail

    Wow! I love your list. I’ve done your first trip and I have to say that it is one of our favorites ever! Angola would be interesting to travel around!

    • Angola has huge potential, but it’s so expensive and difficult to reach… We are trying to take as much advantage of living there to travel as we can 🙂

  • Interesting plans, I have noticed your budget, do you earn money during your journey or money are already collected 😉 ?

    • Africa is very expensive to travel, and Luanda the most expensive city in the world (we have made a post about it)
      We have been saving for a while to travel 🙂

  • Amazinig places and great plans – and mostly the destinations that are not really popular with tourists 🙂 (apart from South-East Asia that is)

    • Living in Angola is itself not the most “popular” with expats

  • Wow! These are such amazing places!
    I’d love to go there too!
    Anyway, I hope you will 🙂

    Good day to you and a happy new year!
    Sybille ♡

    The New New Girl