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Welcome to Portugal Travel Guide. As Portuguese locals, we travel Portugal looking for the best food & drinks, the best vacations spots & hotels in Portugal for you.

We reveal the Portuguese people, the places and culture, so you’ll save time and money and discover Portugal like a local.

Portugal Travel Guide

Portuguese Flag

Official Name: Portuguese Republic

Language: Portuguese

Demonyn: Portuguese

Population: +10 300 000

Capital (and biggest city): Lisbon

GBP per capita PPP: $30,193 – 2017 estimate (40th)

Currency: Euro

Time Zone: WET/GMT UTC (Azores UTC-1)

Visas: Portugal is in the Schengen Area so no need for visas to other UE citizens and American have the 90 days free visas. Check full information.

Weather: Mediterranean

Main Religion: Christian Catholic

Driving: on the right

Electricity plugs: Type F ( C & E also work)

Telephone code: +351

Must Visit: Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, Azores, Madeira

Must do experiences: Douro Valley cruise; Try francesinha in Porto; Sunbathing in Algarve; Hiking in Levadas (madeira); Watching the amazing sunsets on the beach;

Peak season: June-August

Recommended travel book: Lonely planet’s

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Don’t forget: Always do travel insurance!


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