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The SECRET to find the best hotel rates

This post aims to show the step by step method to discover the best rate for a night in a hotel. Many of you probably just go to or search...


Oil crash in Angola

2015 was the year of the oil crisis. Oil started depreciating late 2014 and continued during 2015. It went from 100 USD to 50 USD, and then to almost 35 USD. Apparently low oil prices...


Accommodation – Saving tips for travelers

In Economics there’s a principle called the Pareto principle, which basically observes that a large number of factors or agents contribute to a result, the majority (about 80 percent) of the result...


Saving tips – Economics for travelers

Unless you are extremely rich, if you want to travel for long periods of time you will need to finance that trip and be financially conscious. You should be aware that...