Cordoba – The legacy of Muslim in Spain

  • pm explore

    I think its interesting to see how the culture wars have played out in Southern Europe. And how they have shaped current geo politics. What you have shared here are the physical remains what we can see of their glory. It will be interesting to see what we leave behind for next generations.

  • Christine Tran

    Great photos here! I always wanted to go to Cordoba when I visited Spain but haven’t had a chance. I definitely would like to go one day! Thanks for sharing!

  • Khouloud Rafiq

    Ive been to Cordoba. And I saw that it has that Arabic touch. The buildings, streets…. beautiful post a very intetsting one. Thank yiu for sharing

  • Luxurious Peregrination

    Very awesome pictures. Loved the place and the colours. Thanks for sharing all this information. It was quiet helpful.

  • I want to visit Cordoba now! It seems to take on the influence of many different cultural religions and still retain a very Spanish individuality. The Alley of Flowers seems like a fairytale!

  • Wow!! Thanks!!

  • Fantastic photos! I would love to visit. It is always interesting to see cultural influences and how they have shaped a region. Thanks for sharing!