Granada Alhambra – UNESCO World Heritage site

  • Christine Cognieux

    I was there in March and I just loved this place. Got there early to beat the crowd! Just amazing!

    • Wise! We didn’t plan ahead and… well, you read it 🙂 It turned out OK

  • Lisa Martin

    The architecture looks stunning! Good to know you can buy tickets online, I’d hate to have to stand out in the sun for 2 hours.

  • Sheena Leong

    It’s funny to come across your article as I just started planning my trip to Spain in March & was just reading about Alhambra. The grounds look amazing, I’m definitely putting this on my list. I’ve visited Granada in Nicaragua which is named after Granada in Spain so I’m interested in that connection too. Cheers 🙂

    • If you are going to Andalusia, Granada is mandatory 🙂

  • Joseph Humphreys

    Wow, the architecture of this place looks absolutely stunning. I can see why it was a finalist in the new 7 wonder of the world contest! I’ve heard lots of great things about Granada too, which is another reason to visit here…maybe not during the summer though, from what you’re saying 😉