Do you know what prego sauce is?

  • Thea

    Prego is an American tomato pasta sauce brand. Often used as a prop in a terrible Facebook pregnancy announcement photo (because “prego” is slang for pregnant there.)

  • ExperiĂŞncias e Constatações

    Really?! Prego sauce? This is hilarious!
    The main problem is that it doesn’t taste like a prego at all from what I understood.
    I like my pregos without sauce. And I’ll keep them like that

  • Sabine @ The Travelling Chilli

    I just love the prego sauce with the prego roll, but I only know the South African version 🙂 But it’s true that some things are called the same but are different in different countries.

    • Sabine, you should visit Portugal and try the Portuguese version 🙂

  • Mario Pascoal

    Maybe someone should explain to him that it is Prego Sauce from the way the meat is cooked it is the sauce that comes off of the cooking of the meat that’s what it is for goodness sake get really will he???

    • The “sauce” that comes out of a prego isn’t any special (not a sauce per se) and is different from the chips sauce.
      But even if that was it, the point would stand… Time and distance change things. The typical Portuguese prego in Portugal, doesn’t taste at all like the sauce of chips. I should try a prego in South Africa