The remarkable truth about living in Luanda

  • kennedy kauka

    Hi Jorge, it great to hear such a story from you an outsider. Am encouraged. As a physiotherapist, am looking forward to coming home. Please how is the situation with ministry towards healthcare and physiotherapy services?

    • Hi Kennedy. I´m Cláudia Jorge’s wife. I worked there for nearly 2 years and there is a demand of physiotherapist. So you will find a lot of offers. I haven´t been working there since May 2016 so i don´t know how are the working conditions, but when i was leaving transferring money to other country’s was very difficult. We wish you all the luck and success.

  • Kempes

    Bom blog, apenas um reparo calculo que tanto o Jorge como a Claúdia sejam Portugueses, se assim for não se percebe o porque deste blog não estar escrito na Lingua Portuguesa.
    Em todo o resto está de facto “porreiro” para o tema em si.

  • Nice blog.

    My favourite saying, Luanda is NOT Angola and Angola is NOT Luanda ! 🙂

    At least you got to Cabo Ledo, Benguela, Kissama and Malange as well maybe ? Nice to add pics of and about the real beauty that is Angola.

    M Cumps Paul

    • couplertw

      Hello Paul,

      Thank you, we are glad you liked it.
      Yes, Luanda is not Angola And Angola is not Luanda (unless you are doing business).
      We will be posting soon about our road trip from Luanda to Benguela.