Malanje – Kalandula falls, Musseleje and Pungo Andongo

  • Eco Tur Angola

    A top tip ! make sure you visit Musseleje BEFORE visiting Kalandula as these otherwise very pretty little fall pale into insignificance if done the other way round !

    • Yes, I see what you mean. Barely any waterfall will look small compared to Kalandula in high flow 🙂
      On the other hand you can bath in Musseleje and clean yourself a little after all the mud at Kalandula’s base

  • Wow. That is a gorgeous place. The pictures really bring it to life too!

  • Sandy & Vyjay

    Wow! Magnificient waterfalls. The view of all these waterfalls is so captivating.
    Great pictures. Specially kalandula waterfall and the rainbow. Already on my bucket list.
    Would love to see it someday.

  • Alexa Williams Meisler

    I haven’t made it to this part of Africa in my travels and it looks gorgeous. Especially love your waterfall photo with the rainbow.

  • Christine Krzyszton

    Enjoyed reading about your adventure. Such challenges to reach your destination but as you mentioned, that is part of the whole experience. I was not aware of these falls so loved that you shared.

  • What amazing pictures, the only real falls I have been to are the Niagara Falls in Canada and I thought they were spectacular but these are incredible. I have a friend who went to Victoria Falls and they have been on my bucket list ever since so now I have to add a few more…lol..