Malanje – Rapids of Kwanza and Black Sables

  • Sara Bernard

    Amazing story, I would have loved to go up north and of course to see the black sables though I can’t complain about my trip to the south!

    • Thank you. It was a shame, but we actually saw a black sable in Botswana… That counts for something right?

  • Hendrik Hünecke

    This must really have been kind o adventure, I must admit that Angola is not on the first place of my bucket list, but only because there are millions of other beautiful places. great photos anyway and obviously a unique experience! thanks for sharing

  • Even if you didn’t reach your goal visiting a traditional village is already a good job 🙂

  • LC

    The park sounds lovely, it’s such a shame you didn’t get to go in and see the sables.

  • Amanda

    Sorry you didn’t see the sables and that the AC went out, but besides those things it looks like an enriching trip!

  • Susan Decoteau-Ferrier

    What a fantastic adventure. I have very little fear but I have a real (and earned) fear of water. Not all water but rapids. I wish I didn’t. This looks like great fun.

  • sorry that you guys didn’t get to see the sables but what a great story of adventure you guys had. To have the local kids as guides along the river and then the whole adventure to find Soba sounds truly epic