Luanda – the most expensive city in the world (2015)

  • Namwiinga Monsegue

    other cities that are known to be expensive aren’t with a huge gap in high prices. Most of the Food & Beverages with prices varies depending on the season(s).

    Having lived in many Plc’s so called expensive cities…. including The Big Apple, for instance, lemons with the bottom comparation Chart reviewing the then prices, the tend to be the same.

    Rentals TriStates (New York City, New Jersey & Connecticut), are mostly witj high rentals.

    My comparations are based on then & current era, that’s including the standards of zones. May to Google & review the The then & current prices….

    Mind you in Angola we had Many Wars, hence agriculture can not be expected to be on a wild scale has it may be in other Countries that had no Wars….

    Remember, land mines & many factors should not be ignored….

  • Shantel Collins

    Wowww that is very interesting!!!

    • couplertw

      Thank you 🙂

  • Wow, this is so interesting. You could have given a hundred guess about which city was the most expensive and I would have never guessed! It makes living in NYC look like a bargain.

    • couplertw

      thank you 🙂

  • Very interesting. I would never guess that Luanda is the most expensive city in the world. In retrospect, it makes sense. Thanks for such an informative post.

    • Me neither!!! Quite astonished about that!! Your post is great well done!!!

  • Dannielle

    Isn’t it crazy!! Not that surprised though…

  • Girl Unspotted

    Ok now that is surprising! ANd holy cow those prices are insane!! Thanks for this info!

    • couplertw

      Yes they are:)

  • Els Mahieu

    Wow, these prices are rocking high!!!! I’ve been to Oslo a few months ago and thought that was expensive!

  • Wow, fascinating, I was totally ready to read Hong Kong! Nice info, thanks guys!

  • Ericka Shonta Williams

    wow thats so interesting. wonderful if investors are getting great returns. thanks for sharing.

    • couplertw

      Thank you 🙂 with the recent oil crisis things aren’t going very well in Luanda in terms of investing and returns

  • Anamika Ojha

    Your post surprised me with so much information about the most expensive city. I used to think about London & New York as most expensive…!!