Overland safari in Africa

  • This post brings back so many memories of my trip through Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia 2 years ago.

  • Cristina Luisa

    Wow, four countries in one safari! It looks like you had quite the adventure, and got some excellent photos out of it. I’d imagined that an excursion like that would’ve been much more costly.
    Also, Love in the Time of Cholera- excellent reading choice, but yes, sometimes you want the characters to just MOVE ON! 🙂

  • lavidanomade

    Great post. Definitely on my travel bucket!!!!

  • Jessica

    Lovel the graph as it represents your wild trip. Amazing place to visit indeed and i like how you explore it little by little. Looking forward for your next african adventure

  • Haley Janelle

    How fun!!! Great idea and I’m so glad you got to experience that!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • We have an African safari on our wish list as well! It sounds like it did not disappoint. Chobe National Park looks like one of those places that you will always talk about getting back to some day. A little on the expensive side, but seems worth it for the experience.

  • Nancy Pitman

    I want to do this so bad! Would love to have seen those wild dogs playing in the lagoon! But I also would want to see more elephants. I wonder if there is a better time of year to see them or if its just luck finding them.

  • miieloise

    What a trip!!! You did so much, it’s amazing!! I did a safari 18 months ago. We spent one week exploring amazing parks in Tanzania, before climbing Kilimanjaro. It was incredible and the safari was way over my expectations. I couldn’t believe how close we were from the wild animals! 🙂

  • Brianna

    Wow. This looks like an unforgettable trip! And I like how you did the cost breakdown too. I always thought African safaris were way out of my budget, but maybe not….

    • In general it is more expensive than other locations, but South Africa and Namibia are quite cheap and have unbelievable natural beauty.
      Vic falls is on the expensives side… but it’s vic falls! 🙂