Roadtrip to Benguela

  • Eileen Murphy Kelly

    Love the post ! Pictures are amazing

  • Very nice place, Binga waterfall seems to be so huge!

  • Lucy Smith

    The journey looks amazing! It looks like the landscape changes so much as you travel along. It’s really beautiful and the Bing waterfall looks amazing.

    • couplertw

      Yes,it changes a lot but we were lucky it wasn’t in the dry season so the scenery was very green…

  • Continental Drifters

    So you guys are living in Luanda?! How’s that working out, and what are you doing there?!
    The coasts looks incredibility by the way, and no tourists 🙂

    • couplertw

      Hi:) we are working here. It is not a touristic place but there are some beautiful spots and unexplored….

  • There was a lot to see along the way! That’s the best kind of roadtrip. Waterfalls, beautiful valleys, sprawling landscapes. It’s very beautiful.

    • Yes there is. Angola has some incredible scenery, but there’s virtually no tourism infra struture and is really expense…

  • That looks like an awesome place, and you’ve provided a great write up of it! Thanks for sharing.

  • Beautiful photos! Those beaches look stunning, as does all the mountain scenery. I’ve never seen much about travelling in Angola, thanks for sharing!

    • Laura, while we live here it’s our niche 🙂
      There’s barely any tourism in Angola…