Travel Bucket List-2017 Gapyear and Expating

  • That aerial view of Victoria Falls looks AMAZING! Looks like you guys are going to have an exciting year of travels, good luck!

  • AlicevstheWorld

    Best of luck with your Asia adventures, it looks like you’ve got a fantastic year planned out!

  • Christine Cognieux

    What a country Angola and so many things to visit. I had no idea! And 2017 looks so exciting! hope you will be able to do everything. We lived in Asia for 2 years and could not visit everything but we loved it!

    • Yes! Asia is huge, we will start small and try to visit the most we can :). And if we end up really going to Qatar it will be easier

  • Neha Verma

    You have got a wonderful list out there. Will be awaiting your travel stories as you tick the destinations off your list. Wish I could do something similar, I am still uncertain where to go 😛

  • That’s a great BucketList. Sounds like you will have a fun and exciting 2017! We’re not sure where we will be heading but definitely somewhere we’ve never been! 🙂

  • Stephanie Rose

    It’s great when people write about what didn’t go well in addition to their successes. Such a shame you couldn’t make your trip do to the oil crisis, but hopefully it will happen in the future. Good luck in 2017!! Wishing you many successes.

    • Thank you. We couldn’t go to some places, we went to others 🙂

  • Viviane Feeney

    My 2017 travel bucketlist is, to, in the summer of 2017, over my 21st;
    France & Switzerland – family & friend stay
    Paris – the compulsory City of Love
    Norway, Finland & Estonia – on Topdeck Scenic Scandi. Not dirt-cheap, but I have a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Scandinavia as I have wanted to for years. It’s a fair way to go from Australia & an expensive place, but it is top on my bucket list & includes crossing the arctic circle – whee! Not to mention, Norwegian Fjords!
    Go on to St Petersburg, Norvogorod & Moscow (& maybe sneak a lil’ visit to a small random town in between) other people question why I want to go to Russia, but it’s on my heart & a real opportunity.
    Keep up the good work, & happy travels for the year to come!

  • Leslie

    These destinations look like amazing places to see. My goal is also to visit Thailand and the other beautiful cities of Asia. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Chen Wang

    Great post with awesome images. Would love to go there one day.

  • well, I am getting tired just from reading your travel account and plans – wow, you are amitious. How awesome! I have been all over Europe and the US, but never in Asia and Africa, would love to remedy that, one day. Thanks for the inspiration – blessings!

  • Hi Jorge and Claudia,

    Way cool!

    Neat to see an expat couple in Angola. I am back home in New Jersey for a bit. The high school basketball team I follow – one of the best in the entire USA – just had a kid from Angola transfer in. He was one of Angola’s best young players, Valdir Manuel.

    What a gorgeous country. And if we travel to Thailand this year we should definitely meet up 😉

    Thanks for sharing.