Visit Lubango – the best place to relax in Angola

  • Wow, so beautiful! It looks so relaxing and just the right place to get disconnected with the daily rush. I really hope to go there one day!

  • Wow, Lubango is so beautiful! I had no idea that Angola had so much going on. I’d love to just relax here someday!

  • The Travel Sisters

    Did not realize Angola was such a beautiful country until now. I enjoy visiting countries with few tourists so would definitely like to visit one day.

    • Unfortunately it isn’t the easiest place to go to… but it’s worth it. And Lubango is a real gem.

  • Amanda

    Pululukwa looks amazing. I would want to stay there too!

    • Pululukwa is probably the best resort we have been to

  • Joseph Humphreys

    It looks absolutely stunning. Angola isn’t a place you hear about as a destination in Africa, and that may be a good thing as it being relatively free of tourists is probably part of its charm! There’s a great mix of beautiful landscapes, great food and even architecture here – Christ the King looks like the finest of its kind outside of Rio, better than the one I saw in Cusco at any rate 😉